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This month: May 2017
Emanations of the informational state: Cyber operations and the difficulties
The Tallinn Manual of 2013 and its second edition, the Tallinn Manual 2.0 of 2017, are NATO-funded analyses of how existing international laws of war apply to cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. The difficulties faced by the groups of legal experts who produced these works often involve fundamental aspects of what it is to be a state altogether, challenging the survival of the state as a dominant political form altogether. These developments, in turn, provide significant challenges to the survival of the Westphalian system within which states have been defined for almost 500 years. This article thinks through the Tallinn manuals from the lens of what debates over the appropriate legal treatment of cyber operations under international law tells us about how the state is being experienced and understood in the second decade of the twenty-first century.
Also this month
“Stop Kremlin trolls:” Ideological trolling as calling out, rebuttal, and reactions on online news portal commenting
Mainstream media sources have recently heightened public awareness to a phenomenon known as Russian troll farms. This research analyzes “Kremlin troll” use and its variations found in user comments on a leading Lithuanian news portal. “Kremlin troll” use two oppositional themes. The first reveals accusations of paid commentators as “Kremlin trolls.” The second, in contrast, counter-argues “Kremlin troll” accusations through rebuttal. Sarcasm and humor, by emergence of self-identification as a “Kremlin troll” downplays the accusations and reclaims uncertainty of the identity of the real troll.



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