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This month: September 2016
Securing private data sharing in multi-party analytics
A general class of problems arises when datasets containing private information belong to multiple parties or owners and they collectively want to perform analytic studies on the entire set while respecting the privacy and security concerns of each individual party. This paper describes a solution to this problem in the form of a secure procedure for data mapping and/or linkage, which permits the identification of correspondence between entities in a distributed dataset. This solution does not require either a trusted or semi-trusted third party, while being simple, efficient and scalable for both large datasets and number of parties.
street drifter
Also this month
Use of information and communication technology among street drifters in Los Angeles
This paper describes a qualitative study of information and communication technology use among a group of homeless people on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Participants in the ethnographic study frequently used mobile phones and computers, but not for the purposes documented in other studies such as managing friendships, enlisting family support, finding housing, and seeking employment. They were instead seeking respite to escape their stressful daily lives. Urban communities should adopt a multi-agency approach and provide support centers offering homeless people access to computers and Wi-Fi. Increased access to ICT would facilitate homeless people’s capability to cope with their difficult environment.



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