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Twitter Fiction Festival
This month: April 2016
“Twitter, the most brilliant tough love editor you’ll ever have.” Reading and writing socially during the Twitter Fiction Festival
Tweeting has fostered numerous literary experiments, like Teju Cole’s series “Small fates” and Jennifer Egan’s novel “Black box”. In late 2012, these experiments culminated in the first Twitter Fiction Festival. This paper explores how individuals at the Festival used tweeting to embrace writing and reading literature as a social experience.
Also this month
The ecology of the ePundit: Surveying the new opinion-making landscape
This paper explores hybrid forms of contemporary political opinion-making online, or ePunditry. The ePundit utilizes Web 2.0 technologies and networks to distribute their work: changing and challenging the boundaries and hierarchies of the existing opinion space, across multiple platforms. Drawing on the language of media ecology this paper defines and provides examples of ePundits and ePunditry.



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