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This month: January 2015
Censorship is f̶u̶t̶i̶l̶e̶ possible but difficult: A study in algorithmic ethnography
Discourse around censorship tends to be sensationalised in many quarters. While most countries have an imperfect censorship regime, the sovereign rights of nations to make their own laws must be recognised. The broader question to be posed seems to be, under what circumstances is censorship justified, and how can it best be achieved? This paper illustrates the overwhelming harms to users that emerge from an unregulated Internet regime: 89 percent of ads delivered to Canadian users on 5,000 rogue sites for the most complained-about movies and TV shows were classified as “high risk”. We conclude that more granular policies on what should be censored and better tools to enforce those policies are needed, rather than accepting that censorship is impossible.
Also this month
A methodology for mapping Instagram hashtags
While social media research has provided detailed cumulative analyses of selected social media platforms and content, especially Twitter, newer platforms, apps, and visual content have been less extensively studied so far. This paper proposes a methodology for studying Instagram activity, building on established methods for Twitter research by initially examining hashtags, as common structural features to both platforms.




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