Special Issue #1: Music and the Internet — 4 July 2005

Table of Contents

Introduction: Collecting the fragments of transformation HTML
David Beer
The Big Bumpy Shift: Digital Music via Mobile Internet (originally published in December 2000) HTML
Daniel P. Dolan
Technological and Social Drivers of Change in the Online Music Industry (originally published in February 2002) HTML
Mark Fox
Giving away music to make money: Independent musicians on the Internet (originally published in August 2001) HTML
Michael Pfahl
Music in the Age of Free Distribution (originally published in January 2002) HTML
Kostas Kasaras
Rip, Mix, Burn: The politics of peer to peer and copyright law (originally published in August 2002) HTML
Kathy Bowrey, Matthew Rimmer
Gifting technologies (originally published in December 2004) HTML
Kevin McGee, Jörgen Skågeby
The Napster Music Community (originally published in November 2001) HTML
Kacper Poblocki
Digital music and subculture: Sharing files, sharing styles (originally published in February 2004) HTML
Sean Ebare
Grey Tuesday, online cultural activism and the mash-up of music and politics (originally published in October 2004) HTML
Sam Howard-Spink
(originally published in May 2000) HTML
Wilfred Dolfsma
Artists' earnings and copyright: A review of British and German music industry data in the context of digital technologies (originally published in January 2005) HTML
Martin Kretschmer
Reflecting on the digit(al)isation of music (originally published in February 2005) HTML
David Beer

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