Digital Deerfield 1704: A new perspective on the French and Indian Wars

Lynne Spichiger, Chris Sturm


In February 2003, on the 300th anniversary of the raid on Deerfield, the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association and the Memorial Hall Museum launched a Web site that both commemorates and reinterprets this event from the perspectives of all the cultural groups who were present: Wobanakiak, Kanienkehaka, Wendat, English, and French. The site brings together a multitude of Web elements including historical scenes, narratives of peoples’ lives, artifacts and historic documents, interactive maps, voices and songs, essays, illustrations/paintings, and an interactive timeline to provide a window into a world of global political and religious conflict, family stories, and military sagas. Many teachers find that this site — with its wealth of primary source material; its special features like interactive maps and artifacts, zoom function, and magic lens; and its curricula section — is an excellent digital resource for their classrooms.

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