Multimedia for Peanuts: The Pachyderm Project at Five

Larry Johnson


The genesis for this paper was a panel discussion held in March 2008 at the annual WebWise conference on the topic of “The Power of Presentation.” In that discussion a number of projects were profiled that featured new approaches to presentation – some using virtual worlds, some recreating history – and some using a generic multimedia development platform called Pachyderm. As it happened, the invitation came at the same time that the Pachyderm Project, initially funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services, was celebrating its fifth year of operations, under a model in which it had achieved self-sustaining status by the end of its third year. This paper captures the story of the Pachyderm Project in brief, and aims to highlight some of the insights and learnings the team had as they moved from a model of external support to one in which the project could move forward under its own power.


Pachyderm, multimedia ,open-source

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