Thanks to our reviewers
First Monday

Thanks to our reviewers by Edward J. Valauskas



First Monday could not exist without the incredible efforts of our reviewers for 2010. They have generously provided comments and advice on a rich diversity of papers to authors and editors. Below you will find an incomplete alphabetical list of recent reviewers for First Monday:

Lada Adamic
Philippe Aigrain
Varol Akman
Abdul Alkalimat
Judd Antin
James Arvanitakis
John Berry
John Carlo Bertot
Mal Booth
dana boyd
Sandra Braman
Jeff. Cain
Carlos Castilho
Peter Chen
Henrik Christensen
Abby Clobridge
Ted Coopman
Susan Crawford
Christopher Cronin
Lincoln Dahlberg
Violetta Dajanev
Aliaa Dakroury
Stephen Dann
Jack Dempsey
Paul Duguid
Esther Dyson
Joseph Esposito
Mark Fox
J. Daniel Geselter
Rishab Aiyer Ghosh
Andrea Glorioso
Michael H. Goldhaber
Sam Gosling
Czeslaw Grycz
Cynthia Haller
Eszter Hargittai
John Harwood
Ulrich Herb
Kim Holmberg
Douglas Holton
Nancy R. John
Steve Jones
William Jones
Alexandra Juhasz
Brian Kahin
Robert Kauffman
Jeannette Kindred
Teun Lucassen
David Lindsey
Clifford Lynch
Philip Marshall
Juan Carlos De Martin
Zachary McDowell
Chris Mills
Mary Minow
David Murphy
Bonnie Nardi
Diane Neal
Michele Newberry
Kristina Passman Nielson
Beth Simone Noveck
Andrew M. Odlyzko
Michael Opgenhaffen
Jonathan O’Donnell
Maureen O’Sullivan
Zizi Papacharissi
Dale Peters
Katie Piatt
Mark Poepsel
Kate Raynes–Goldie
Colleen Reilly
Sheldon Renan
Angela Romano
Arthur Sale
Barry Saunders
Michael Seadle
R. Paul Skeehan
Marcus Squirrell
Siobhan Stevenson
Geraldine Sweetland
Tracy Hartman Swift
Dario Taraborelli
Silvia Toccoli
Mitch Waldrop
Brian Whitworth
Mark Wilson
Sarita Yardi
Michael Zimmer End of article


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Thanks to our reviewers
by Edward J. Valauskas First Monday, Volume 15, Number 12 - 6 December 2010

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