Home computer ownership and Internet use in China: Trends, disparities, socioeconomic impacts, and policy implications

Qingbin Wang, Minghao Li


This paper reviews the trends of China’s home computer ownership and Internet use, analyzes the disparities in computer ownership, and examines the impacts of increasing computer and Internet use on e–commerce and trade, Internet addiction and public health, family and marriage relationships, and public policy and democracy. Analysis results suggest that average income and urbanization have been the key factors behind both the growth of and the disparities in home computer ownership and Internet use in China. Also, the increasing use of computers and Internet has resulted in both positive and negative impacts in Chinese society and brought about opportunities and challenges for human development.


China, home computer ownership, Internet use, e-commerce, information and communication technologies (ICT), Internet addiction, regression analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v17i2.3767

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