Habits of mind and a new technology of freedom

Lloyd Morrisett


The open and free flow of information is crucial to the success of democracies. Equally important is the need for members of a democracy to communicate with other easily and frequently. Recent developments in this century in technology have not enhanced these needs of democracy on an individualistic basis, such as radio and television. With the development of networked computers and electronic mail, however, it has become possible for individuals to easily send and receive information and to communicate with colleagues anywhere and at any time. Electronic mail is a catalyst for the fundamental requirements of democracy, of information access and communication. With lowering costs for computers and networked connections, universal electronic mail will provide the means for many to enjoy the benefits of democracy envisioned centuries ago.


free flow of information; universal access; electronic mail; e-mail; information access; democracy; society and technology; universal e-mail; communications technologies; computer communications; mass communications; benevolent tyranny of communications

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v1i3.483

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