Drawing Sea Serpents: The Publishing Wars on Personal Computing and the Information Age

Richard Cox


A remarkable quantity and range of books on the Information Age is being published, presenting just as remarkable a breadth of opinions and convictions about this era. While it is difficult to keep up with these publications, the effort is worth it because they provide a means of contemplating just what one's place is in an age noted for rapid change, great promises, and equally great perils. This essay provides an impressionistic description of nearly a hundred books published in this decade (about half in the last three years), with some advice about what they have to offer and how they should be read. Approached in the right manner, regular reading in some of the topics described by the author can help individuals to reflect on their own individual use of computing technology and to sort through the hype, hubris, and hysteria that have accompanied what has normally been called the Information Age.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v3i5.595

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