Finding Top Ten Web Sites Using Search Engines: The Case of the Desalination Industry

Nabil El-Ramly, Richard Einer Peterson, Linda Volonino


The desalination industry involves the desalting of sea or brackish water and achieves the purpose of increasing the world's effective water supply. There are approximately 4,000 desalination Web sites. The six major Internet search engines were used to determine, according to each of the six, the top twenty Web sites for desalination. Each site was visited and the 120 gross returns were pared down to the final ten - the "Top Ten". The Top Ten were then analyzed to determine what it was that made the sites useful and informative. The major attributes were: a) currency (up-to-date); b) search site capability; c) access to articles on desalination; d) newsletters; e) databases; f) product information; g) online conferencing; h) valuable links to other sites; I) communication links; j) site maps; and k) case studies. Reasons for having a Web site and the current status and prospects for Internet commerce are discussed.

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