First Monday Evolves: Editorial by Anders Geersten
First Monday
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First Monday Evolves: Editorial by Anders Geersten

Three years ago, in late 1995, Edward J. Valauskas came to Munksgaard with a brilliant idea: Why not launch the first peer-reviewed scientific journal about the Internet - and on the Internet. Ed knew that Munksgaard had been in the business of publishing scientific journals for many years. To us at Munksgaard, it seemed exactly the right thing to do. As an international publisher of scientific journals, we have since the mid nineties been working with electronic online publishing, and this was a brilliant opportunity to learn how to create, publish and develop a truly scientific journal online. No paper version was to be published, only the online World Wide Web version.

Ed then helped us put together a strong team of editors, and we were all particularly happy to get Esther Dyson and Rishab Ghosh on board.

During the last three years, we have obtained exactly what we hoped, and much more. We have had the privilege to work with very fine editors and contributors, and we have learned much about electronic online publishing.

We now want to focus our attention and resources on electronic publishing of our core medical journals. They will all go online, and in this process, we will use what we have learned from First Monday. First Monday will still be published, but no longer by Munksgaard.

From January first, 1999, First Monday will be published by the three editors, Edward Valauskas, Esther Dyson, and Rishab Ghosh.

I want to thank everybody who has worked with Munksgaard on this journals, and I wish the three editors - and publishers - good luck. I am confident, because I know that First Monday is in the best hands.

Anders Geertsen
Publishing Director
Munksgaard International Publishers

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