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Disability and the Internet
This month: September 2015
Special issue: Disability and the Internet
Earlier this decade, the emerging field of disability media began to focus on the Internet and people with disabilities. This new focus incorporated changes to the environment with the hype around Web 2.0, the rise of online social networks and the increasing prevalence of smartphone and other mobile devices being used to access the Internet, as well as the evolving legal environment around access to technology for people with disabilities. In only four years there have been great strides in this area and disability media studies is no longer a peripheral area of concern. This special issue of brings together scholars in disability media and related fields to look at the contemporary Internet and the challenges and opportunities it presents for people with disabilities. As the papers in this special issue show, online accessibility for people with disabilities is an issue that cuts across a number of fields including education, mobile telephony, television studies, and human rights.




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