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Zwarte Piet
This month: December 2014
Mediating the Black Pete discussion on Facebook: Slacktivism, flaming wars, and deliberation
A discussion on Facebook ignited when United Nations investigator Verene Shepherd argued that the Dutch government should abolish the Saint Nicholas tradition featuring a black-face character, Black Pete. This paper examines how Facebook treated different aspects of a discussion on Zwarte Piet, leading to attention by traditional media and public debates involving all Dutch citizens.
Also this month
Contextualizing the power of social media: Technology, communication and the Libya Crisis
At the beginning of 2011, revolution across the MENA region threw into question the potential power of new media to bring about large-scale revolutionary pursuits. In Libya, the correlation between social media usage and social upheavals seemed, at most, tenuous in light of low levels of Internet penetration and state-sponsored Internet blackouts. This paper decodes the realities of how and why people were communicating through the crisis in Libya in order to overcome misconceptions about social media as a predominant factor in liberation across the region.




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