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This month: February 2016
#FailedRevolutions: Using Twitter to study the antecedents of ISIS support
To better understand the roots of support for ISIS, this paper presents a study using Twitter data. A large number of Arabic tweets were collected, referring to ISIS and classified as pro-ISIS or anti-ISIS. Historical timelines of both user groups were analyzed in order gain insights into antecedents of support. The results demonstrate that ISIS supporters largely differ from ISIS opposition in that the ISIS supporters refer repeatedly to Arab Spring uprisings that failed as compared to ISIS opposition.
Chen Guangcheng
Also this month
News trustworthiness and verification in China: The tension of dual media channels
From 2006 to 2013, the increasing use of social media in China has provided a stage for citizens to report news and to express viewpoints, at times contradicting highly curated official sources. In this study, two online surveys were used to explore 1) the level of trust that Chinese Internet users placed on news from social media versus official media; and, 2) whether and how Chinese Internet users verified citizen news. news from official and citizen sources attracted different audience groups, who relied on different features to assess news trustworthiness.




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