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This month: October 2014
Special issue — Napster, 15 years on: Rethinking digital music distribution
Edited by Raphaël Nowak and Andrew Whelan, the thirteenth special issue of First Monday includes 12 papers examining developments in digital music since Napster. This research, by established and emerging scholars, treats digital music from a variety of international perspectives, ranging from ethnomusicological archives to São Paulo collectives to the Warez MP3 scene and much more.
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Resistance Censorship is futile
The Internet has become the new battle ground between authoritarian regimes and ordinary individuals who want unimpeded access to information. The immense popularity of online activism and citizen journalism has forced governments to partially or completely block access to the Internet. In return, individuals and organizations have been employing various anti-censorship tools to circumvent these restrictions. Censorship has been ineffective in restricting access and indeed has popularized blocked content.




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