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This month: February 2015
Ad hoc encounters with big data: Engaging citizens in conversations around tabletops
Interactive tabletops will allow users to explore data in familiar places such as living rooms, cafés, and public spaces. This paper builds upon current advances in sensing and in organic user interfaces to propose how tabletops in the future could encourage collaboration and engage users in socially relevant data-oriented activities. This work suggests switching from fixed to mobile tabletops and provides two examples of hypothetical interface types: TableTiles and Moldable Displays. In turn, tabletops could foster future civic communities, expanding modes of participation.
Also this month
Object, Me, Symbiote, Other: A social typology of player-avatar relationships
Despite how humans and non-human objects relate in very social ways, the relations between players and their online game avatars are most often examined through conspicuously parasocial lenses. That is, the player-avatar relationship (PAR) is generally seen as one-way and non-dialectical as players think, feel, and acts toward the avatar without consideration for the avatar’s role in that relationship. This study examines the potential for PARs to be fully social, in which player and avatar both materially contribute to the relationship.




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