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This month: March 2015
Where are the ‘key’ words? Optimizing multimedia textual attributes to improve viewership
This study investigates whether automating tag selection for online video content with the goal of increasing viewership is feasible. It shows that content producers can lower their operational costs for tag selection using a hybrid approach that combines dedicated personnel, crowdsourcing, and automatic tag suggestions. This paper offers evidence that existing tags for a sample of YouTube videos can be improved. It also demonstrates that an automated tag recommendation process can be efficient in practice.
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Friend or faculty: Social networking sites and dual relationships in higher education
Students and faculty have always interacted informally, on campus and off. Social networking sites (SNSs), like Facebook, introduce another space in which they interact, contributing to a blurring of boundaries between professional and personal personas. Communications on SNSs may be seen as simply an extension of on- and off-campus lives, and hence fall under the same policies governing institutional codes of conduct. The medium however, allowing for the capture and broadcast of events in academic and everyday lives, merits special considerations for contemporary faculty and administrators. This critical review will contribute to policy development regarding the use of SNSs in higher education.




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