Volume 21, Number 10 - 3 October 2016

Table of Contents

Economies of the Internet HTML
Kylie Jarrett, D. E. Wittkower
Queering alienation in digital media HTML
Kylie Jarrett
Open cultural production and the online gift economy: The case of Blender HTML
Julia Velkova
Lurkers, creepers, and virtuous interactivity: From property rights to consent and care as a conceptual basis for privacy concerns and information ethics HTML
Dylan Eric Wittkower
Fickle focus: Distraction, affect and the production of value in social media HTML
Susanna Paasonen
The 'mastery' of the swipe: Smartphones, transitional objects and interstitial time HTML
Sharif Mowlabocus
Terminal markets: Gender and online horse racing economies HTML
Holly Kruse
Indigenous cryptocurrency: Affective capitalism and rhetorics of sovereignty HTML
Cindy Tekobbe, John Carter McKnight
The depoliticized politics of crowdfunding: A critical examination of the Darren Wilson crowdfunding campaign HTML
David Gehring
Nurturing non-market spaces in the digital environment HTML
Roderick Graham
The public sphere and social capital: Unlikely allies in social media interactions? HTML
Brendan O'Hallarn

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