Volume 21, Number 6 - 6 June 2016

Table of Contents

Preface: A decade of Web 2.0 - Reflections, critical perspectives, and beyond HTML
Michael Zimmer, Anna Lauren Hoffmann
Web 2.0 user knowledge and the limits of individual and collective power HTML
Nicholas Proferes
Many (to platform) to many: Web 2.0 application infrastructures HTML
Jack Jamieson
Constructing and enforcing "authentic" identity online: Facebook, real names, and non-normative identities HTML
Oliver L. Haimson, Anna Lauren Hoffmann
Rethinking social change: The promises of Web 2.0 for the marginalized HTML
David Nemer
The domestication of online activism HTML
Mathias Klang, Nora Madison
The rise of speculative devices: Hooking up with the bots of Ashley Madison HTML
Ben Light
Read only: The persistence of lurking in Web 2.0 HTML
Scott Kushner
DIY videos on YouTube: Identity and possibility in the age of algorithms HTML
Christine T. Wolf
Share wars: Sharing, theft, and the everyday production of Web 2.0 on DeviantArt HTML
Dan Perkel
The blogosphere and its problems: Web 2.0 undermining civic Webspaces HTML
Alexander Halavais

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