Volume 20, Number 8 - 3 August 2015

Table of Contents

Introduction to LIMITS '15: First workshop on computing within limits HTML
Daniel Pargman, Barath Raghavan
Information systems for the age of consequences HTML
M. Six Silberman
Deviant and guilt-ridden: Computing within psychological limits HTML
Bran Knowles, Elina Eriksson
Computing within limits and ICTD HTML
Jay Chen
Limits and sustainable interaction design: Obsolescence in a future of collapse and resource scarcity HTML
Christian Remy, Elaine M. Huang
Abstraction, indirection, and Sevareid's Law: Towards benign computing HTML
Barath Raghavan
Foster the "mores", counter the "limits" HTML
Xinning Gui, Bonnie Nardi
Collapse (and other futures) software engineering HTML
Birgit Penzenstadler, Ankita Raturi, Debra J. Richardson, M. Six Silberman, Bill Tomlinson
Understanding limits from a social ecological perspective HTML
Teresa Cerratto Pargman, Somya Joshi
Inequality and limits HTML
Bonnie Nardi
Preliminary thoughts on a taxonomy of value for sustainable computing HTML
Kentaro Toyama
Cacophony: Building a resilient Internet of things HTML
John Brock, Donald J. Patterson
Haitian resiliency: A case study in intermittent infrastructure HTML
Donald J. Patterson
Toward a computational immigration assistant HTML
Bill Tomlinson
On the limits of limits HTML
Daniel Pargman

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