Volume 19, Number 10 - 6 October 2014

Table of Contents

Editorial: On the 15-year anniversary of Napster - Digital music as boundary object HTML
Raphaël Nowak, Andrew Whelan
Fifteen years of ‘Utopia’: Napster and Pitchfork as technologies of democratization HTML
David Carter, Ian Rogers
Copyright and the architecture of digital delivery HTML
Dan L. Burk
Napster and the press: Framing music technology HTML
Andrea L. Guzman, Steve Jones
Explaining the rise and fall of the Warez MP3 scene: An empirical account from the inside HTML
Ard Huizing, Jan A. van der Wal
Challenging opportunities: When Indian regional music gets online HTML
Florence Nowak
"This video is not available in Germany": Online discourses on the German collecting society GEMA and YouTube HTML
Philip Stade
The new romantics: Authenticity, participation and the aesthetics of piracy HTML
Margie Borschke
Investigating the interactions between individuals and music technologies within contemporary modes of music consumption HTML
Raphaël Nowak
"Mi wantem musik blong mi hemi blong evriwan" ["I want my music to be for everyone"]: Digital developments, copyright and music circulation in Port Vila, Vanuatu HTML
Monika Stern
Napster and beyond: How online music can transform the dynamics of musical production and consumption in DIY subcultures HTML
Jhessica Reia
Improvisation in the digital age: New narratives in jazz promotion and dissemination HTML
Haftor Medbøe, José Dias
Applications and implications of digital audio databases for the field of ethnomusicology: A discussion of the CNRS — Musée de l’Homme sound archives HTML
Stéphanie Khoury, Joséphine Simonnot

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