Volume 20, Number 4 - 6 April 2015

Table of Contents

Digital gender: Perspective, phenomena, practice HTML
Viktor Arvidsson, Anna Foka
Sluts ‘r’ us: Intersections of gender, protocol and agency in the digital age HTML
Nishant Shah
On trans-, glitch, and gender as machinery of failure HTML
Jenny Sundén
Shame transfigured: Slut-shaming from Rome to cyberspace HTML
Lewis Mark Webb
Toxic femininity 4.0 HTML
Roopika Risam
Embodying culture: Interactive installation on women’s rights HTML
Patrizia Marti, Jeroen Peeters, Ambra Trotto, Michele Tittarelli, Nicholas True, Nigel Papworth, Caroline Hummels
Seeing through the fog: Digital problems and solutions for studying ancient women HTML
Alex McAuley

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