Volume 20, Number 11 - 2 November 2015

Table of Contents

Why study technology non-use? HTML
Eric P.S. Baumer, Morgan G. Ames, Jenna Burrell, Jed R. Brubaker, Paul Dourish
Lines of power: Availability to networks as a social phenomenon HTML
David A. Banks
Pulling the plug visually: Images of resistance to ICTs and connectivity HTML
Ricardo Gomez, Kirsten Foot, Meg Young, Rose Paquet-Kinsley, Stacey Morrison
The gender-technology divide or perceptions of non-use? HTML
Neha Kumar
Technologies of avoidance: The swear jar and the cell phone HTML
Ethan R. Plaut
The user as network HTML
Karen E.C. Levy
Smartphone resistance as media ambivalence HTML
Rivka Ribak, Michele Rosenthal
Exploring ethnographic techniques for ICT non-use research: An Amish case study HTML
Lindsay Ems
Entangled with technology: Engagement with Facebook among the young old HTML
Nancy A. Van House
Replicants, imposters and the real deal: Issues of non-use and technology resistance in vintage and software instruments HTML
Claes Thorén, Andreas Kitzmann

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