Volume 5, Number 8 - 7 August 2000

Table of Contents

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor. HTML
Stuart Weibel, Steve Mann
Cyberporn: The controversy HTML
Joyce H-S Li
Non-repudiation in the digital environment HTML
Adrian McCullagh, William Caelli
Horses to water: Student use of course newsgroups HTML
Fatemeh Bagherian, Warren Thorngate
Impact of the Internet on the politics of Cuba HTML
Andy Williamson
The Virtual University and college life: Some unintended consequences for democratic citizenship HTML
David Resnick
Negotiating the global and the local: How Thai culture co-opts the Internet HTML
Soraj Hongladarom
Caught in/on the Web: To publish without perishing in the Digital Age HTML
Brian G. Kennelly
The premise and promise of a Global Information Infrastructure HTML
Christine L. Borgman

Book Reviews

FM Reviews HTML
Paolo G. Cordone, Steve Cisler, George H. Buck, Richard Gale, Beth Archibald Tang, Jenny Le Peuple

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