Volume 6, Number 4 - 2 April 2001

Table of Contents

They threw me a computer but what I really needed was a life preserver HTML
Anthony G. Wilhelm
Mobile library literacy: Solutions for a rural environment HTML
Sybil Brigham McShane
Growing a National Learning Environments and Resources Network for Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education HTML
Lee L. Zia
Afya: Social and digital technologies that reach across the digital divide HTML
Ann Peterson Bishop, Imani Bazzell, Bharat Mehra, Cynthia Smith
Toward context-centered methods for evaluating public library networked community information initiatives HTML
Joan C. Durrance, Karen E. Pettigrew
Piloting a course: Using a pilot project to identify training needs HTML
Allison Zhang, Nancy Finlay, Kathleen S. Foulke
Teacher's palette HTML
Diana Helton Rennels, Jill Fairhurst Taylor
A shared digital library of Native American images HTML
Elaine Peterson
Bridging the digital divide: State government as content provider, the Illinois experience HTML
Anne Craig
Boyle Heights: Neighborhood sites and insights, a multicultural community partnership initiative of the Japanese American National Museum HTML
Audrey Lee-Sung

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