Volume 6, Number 5 - 7 May 2001

Table of Contents

Circulating libraries and video rental stores HTML
Richard Roehl, Hal R. Varian
The impact of the Internet on Myanmar HTML
Viola Krebs
Understanding online message dissemination: An analysis of Send-this-story-to-your-friend data HTML
Sandeep Krishnamurthy
Managing complex, distributed environments: Remote meeting technologies at the Chaotic Fringe HTML
Karen Ruhleder, Brigitte Jordan
The work of education in the age of E-College HTML
Chris Werry
Transaction costs and the social cost of online privacy HTML
Paul Sholtz
Policy bridges for the digital divide: Assessing the landscape and gauging the dimensions HTML
Paul M.A. Baker
Letter from Nebraska: Wiring the world HTML
Steve Cisler
Of Jeff Bezos and Leo Durocher HTML
Richard Wiggins

Book Reviews

Book reviews HTML
Glenn Dalgarno, Robert Scovell-Lightfoot, Richard Gale, Paolo G. Cordone, Peter Scott

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