Volume 6, Number 7 - 2 July 2001

Table of Contents

Some economics of personal activity and implications for the digital economy HTML
Douglas A. Galbi
E-commerce Web queries: Excite and Ask Jeeves study HTML
Amanda Spink, Okan Gunar
The IMLS Digital Cultural Heritage Community Project: A case study of tools for effective project management and collaboration HTML
Nuala Bennett, Beth Sandore
Positioning the public library in the modern state: The opportunity of the Children's Internet Protection Act, CIPA HTML
Joyce M. Latham
What has straw in common with wheat?: A selective review of bibliographic control in the field of homiletics HTML
Chad P. Abel-Kops

Book Reviews

Book reviews HTML
Ted Daniels, Glenn Dalgarno, Robert Scovell, Jenny Le Peuple, Sinisa Dragic, Catherine Sack, Beth Archibald Tang

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