Volume 6, Number 9 - 3 September 2001

Table of Contents

Exploring users' experiences of the Web HTML
Barry Brown, Abigail Sellen
Can navigational assistance improve search experience? A user study HTML
Mazlita Mat-Hassan, Mark Levene
What next for Internet journals? Implications of the trend towards paid placement in search engines HTML
Robin Henshaw
A historical overview of the effects of new mass media: Introductions in magazine publishing during the twentieth century HTML
Quint Randle
Problems and the epistemology of electronic publishing in the Arab world: The case of Lebanon HTML
Ramzi Nasser, Kamal Abouchedid
Copyright in a frictionless world: Toward a rhetoric of responsibility HTML
Brendan Scott
Book reviews HTML
Gill Stoker, Matthew J. Pearson, Rob Parsons, Kamal Khan, Nigel Gibson, Alicia Gazely, David Phillips, Peta Jellis

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