Volume 8, Number 5 - 5 May 2003

Selected papers from the Fourth Annual Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World sponsored by the U.S. Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Johns Hopkins University, 26-28 February 2003, Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

Sustaining Digital Resources: Web-Wise 2003

Creating the Digital Future HTML
Robert Coonrod
The International Children's Digital Library: Description and analysis of first use HTML
Allison Druin, Benjamin Bederson, Ann Weeks, Allison Farber, Jesse Grosjean, Mona Guha, Juan Hourcade, Juhyun Lee, Sabrina Liao, Kara Reuter, Anne Rose, Yoshifumi Takayama, Lingling Zhang
The Lowell Observatory Public Astronomical Research Center HTML
Jeffrey Hall
OpenKey: Illinois-North Carolina Collaborative Environment for Botanical Resources HTML
P. Heidorn, Lesley Deem
What is a library anymore, anyway? HTML
Michael Keller, Vicky Reich, Andrew Herkovic
The Syracuse University Library Radius Project: Development of a non-destructive playback system for cylinder recordings HTML
William Penn, Martha Hanson
Issues in sustainability: Creating value for online users HTML
Abby Smith
Business model issues in the development of digital cultural content HTML
Gerry Wall

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