Volume 8, Number 9 - 1 September 2003

Table of Contents

The many paradoxes of broadband HTML
Andrew Odlyzko
Curtailing online education in the name of homeland security: The USA PATRIOT Act, SEVIS, and international students in the United States HTML
Paul Jaeger, Gary Burnett
Giving e-mail back to the users: Using digital signatures to solve the spam problem HTML
Trevor Tompkins, Dan Handley
The current status and potential development of online news consumption: A structural approach HTML
An Nguyen
An exploration of predatory behaviour in cyberspace: Towards a typology of cyberstalkers HTML
Leroy McFarlane, Paul Bocij
Wireless Internet connectivity for developing nations HTML
Larry Press
Writing photo captions for the Web HTML
Yong Zhao

Book Reviews

Book Reviews HTML
Paolo G. Cordone, Kamal Khan, Rob Parsons, Nigel Gibson, Ben Hyde

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