Volume 9, Number 6 - 7 June 2004

Table of Contents

Evolution of the Linux Credits file: Methodological challenges and reference data for Open Source research HTML
Ilkka Tuomi
Escher Staircases on the World Wide Web HTML
Ronald Rousseau, Mike Thelwall
Disney through the Web looking glass HTML
Brian Martin, Brian Yecies
Pirates, sharks and moral crusaders: Social control in peer–to–peer networks HTML
Jörgen Svensson, Frank Bannister
The mentality of Homo interneticus: Some Ongian postulates HTML
Michael Goldhaber
The educated blogger: Using Weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom HTML
David Huffaker

Book Reviews

Book Reviews HTML
Rob Scovell, Matthew Pearson, Gill Stoker, Nigel Gibson, Jenny Le Peuple

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