Volume 11, Number 8 — 7 August 2006

Table of Contents

Disciplining Search/Searching Disciplines: Perspectives from Academic Communities on Metasearch Quality Indicators HTML
Rohit Chopra, Aaron Krowne
Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and their kin) in the World of Google HTML
Paul N. Courant
IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana HTML
Kristine R. Brancolini, Stacy Kowalczyk, Jenn Riley
Machine-assisted Metadata Generation and New Resource Discovery: Software and Services HTML
Steve Mitchell
Getting the Word Out: Making Digital Project Metadata Available to Aggregators HTML
Diane I. Hillman
Moving towards shareable metadata HTML
Sarah L. Shreeves, Jenn Riley, Liz Milewicz
Examining MARC Records as Artifacts That Reflect Metadata Utilization Decisions HTML
William E. Moen
Advances in Discovery: The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Experience HTML
Michael K. Buckland, Lewis R. Lancaster
Archives on the Web: Unlocking Collections While Safeguarding Privacy HTML
Sara S. Hodson

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