Volume 11, Number 9 — 4 September 2006

Table of Contents

Who supports Internet censorship? HTML
Craig A. Depken, II
Sexual and pornographic Web searching: Trends analysis HTML
Amanda Spink, Helen Partridge, Bernard J. Jansen
Public access computing and Internet access in public libraries: The role of public libraries in e-government and emergency situations HTML
John Carlo Bertot, Paul T. Jaeger, Lesley A. Langa, Charles R. McClure
What is your claim to flame? HTML
Patricia G. Lange
A privacy paradox: Social networking in the United States HTML
Susan B. Barnes
Unpacking "I Don't Want It" - why novices and non-users don't use the Internet HTML
R. Michelle Green
Publishing cooperatives: An alternative for non-profit publishers HTML
Raym Crow
Publicly shared intelligence HTML
Giliam De Valk, Brian Martin
Knowledge and governance in the digital age: The politics of monitoring planetary life HTML
Robert Latham
Covering music file-sharing and the future of innovation HTML
Adrienne Russell
Puppy smoothies: Improving the reliability of open, collaborative wikis HTML
Tom Cross
False Web memories: A case study on finding information about Andrei Broder HTML
Judit Bar-Ilan
Sampling mobile opinion: A contextual postcard questionnaire study HTML
Jeff Axup, Stephen Viller
The politics of the libre commons HTML
David M. Berry, Giles Moss

Book Reviews

Book reviews HTML
Nigel Gibson, Rob Parsons

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