Special Issue #7: Command Lines: The Emergence of Governance in Global Cyberspace

Table of Contents

Preface HTML
Sandra Braman, Thomas M. Malaby
Introduction: Contingency and Control Online HTML
Thomas M. Malaby
Command tones: Digitization and sounded time HTML
Jonathan Sterne, Emily Raine
Software and the mundane management of air travel HTML
Rob Kitchin, Martin Dodge
Activists beyond Virtual Borders: Internet-Mediated Networks and Informational Politics in China HTML
Guobin Yang
Hypermedia and governance in Saudi Arabia HTML
Marwan M. Kraidy
Beyond Management: Considering Participatory Design and Governance in Player Culture HTML
T.L. Taylor
Why Governments aren't Gods and Gods aren't Governments HTML
Richard A. Bartle
Coding Control: Governance and Contingency in the Production of Online Worlds HTML
Thomas M. Malaby
Synthetic Economies and the Social Question HTML
Edward Castronova
User Design and the Democratization of the Mobile Phone HTML
Leopoldina Fortunati
Digital Art/Public Art: Governance and Agency in the Networked Commons HTML
Christiane Paul
Playing Politics: Videogames for Politics, Activism, and Advocacy HTML
Ian Bogost
More, Faster, Better: Governance in an Age of Overload, Busyness, and Speed HTML
David M. Levy

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