Volume 14, Number 1 - 5 January 2009

Table of Contents

Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope HTML
Bernardo Huberman, Daniel M Romero, Fang Wu
A Grateful Dead analysis: The relationship between concert and listening behavior analysis HTML
Marko A Rodriguez, Vadas Gintautas, Alberto Pepe
Open source collaboration: Two cases in the U.S. public sector HTML
Michael P. Hamel, Charles M. Schweik
Examining social media usage: Technology clusters and social network site membership HTML
Andrew Schrock
Internet security: Who is leaving the ‘virtual door’ open and why? HTML
Daniel M. Downs, Ilir Ademaj, Amie M Schuck
Toward a pervasive communication environment perspective HTML
Ted M. Coopman
Always on: Libraries in a world of permanent connectivity HTML
Lorcan Dempsey

Book Reviews

Review of James Boyle's The public domain: Enclosing the commons of the mind (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008) HTML
Edward J Valauskas
Review of Walter Alvarez's The mountains of Saint Francis: Discovering the geologic events that shaped our Earth (New York: Norton, 2009) HTML
Edward J Valauskas
Review of Sherry Turkle's The inner history of devices (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2008) HTML
Edward J Valauskas

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