Volume 15, Number 7 - 5 July 2010

Table of Contents

Seller activity in a virtual marketplace HTML
David A. Huffaker, Matthew Simmons, Eytan Bakshy, Lada A. Adamic
Scientometrics 2.0: New metrics of scholarly impact on the social Web HTML
Jason Priem, Bradely H. Hemminger
Question types in social Q&A sites HTML
F. Maxwell Harper, Joseph Weinberg, John Logie, Joseph A. Konstan
Science 2.0 (change will happen….) HTML
Jean-Claude Burgelman, David Osimo, Marc Bogdanowicz
Pirates of Silicon Valley: State of exception and dispossession in Web 2.0 HTML
Peter Jakobsson, Fredrik Stiernstedt
My Life as a Night Elf Priest: An Anthropological Account of World of Warcraft: Excerpts HTML
Bonnie Nardi

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