Volume 18, Number 2 - 4 February 2013

Table of Contents

Patterns of ownership of child model sites: Profiling the profiteers and consumers of child exploitation material HTML
Paul A. Watters, Christopher Lueg, Caroline Spiranovic, Jeremy Prichard
Front-paging online newspapers HTML
Ioannis Koutsaftikis, Nikolaos Nanas, Manolis Vavalis
A new girl in town: Exploring girlhood identities through Facebook HTML
Marissa Dean, Karen Laidler
International corporate blogging practices and effects HTML
Nils König
The business of conversations: Market social media surveillance and visibility HTML
Daniel Trottier
Content analysis study of librarian blogs: Professional development and other uses HTML
Grace M. Jackson-Brown
The new library of Babel? Borges, digitisation and the myth of a universal library HTML
Christopher Rowe

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