Volume 18, Number 10 - 7 October 2013

Table of Contents

Introduction to the special issue 'Making data - Big data and beyond' HTML
Rasmus Helles, Klaus Bruhn Jensen
Making big data, in theory HTML
Tom Boellstorff
Undermining ‘data’: A critical examination of a core term in scientific inquiry HTML
Annette N. Markham
How to do things with data: Meta–data, meta–media, and meta–communication HTML
Klaus Bruhn Jensen
Data not seen: The uses and shortcomings of social media metrics HTML
Nancy K. Baym
The big head and the long tail: An illustration of explanatory strategies for big data Internet studies HTML
Rasmus Helles
Home made big data‽ Challenges and opportunities for participatory social research HTML
Alexander Halavais
A critical reflection on Big Data: Considering APIs, researchers and tools as data makers HTML
Farida Vis
Faster than the speed of print: Reconciling ‘big data’ social media analysis and academic scholarship HTML
Axel Bruns

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