Volume 19, Number 6 - 2 June 2014

Table of Contents

Heteromation and its (dis)contents: The invisible division of labor between humans and machines HTML
Hamid Ekbia, Bonnie Nardi
The effect of the Internet on civic engagement under authoritarianism: The case of Azerbaijan HTML
Katy E. Pearce, Deen Freelon, Sarah Kendzior
Enclosing the public domain: The restriction of public domain books in a digital environment HTML
Alex Clark, Brenda Chawner
Death and the Internet: The implications of the digital afterlife HTML
Nicola Wright
Different spaces: Exploring Facebook as heterotopia HTML
Robin Rymarczuk, Maarten Derksen
The new role of radio and its public in the age of social network sites HTML
Tiziano Bonini

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