Volume 20, Number 6 - 1 June 2015

Table of Contents

Coping with the big data dump: Towards a framework for enhanced information representation HTML
Andreas Kratky, Virginia Kuhn, Jon Olav Eikenes
Social construction of knowledge in Wikipedia HTML
Noriko Hara, Jylisa Doney
Academic peer pressure in social media: Experiences from the heavy, the targeted and the restricted user HTML
Barbara Kieslinger
The social significance of the Facebook Like button HTML
Veikko Eranti, Markku Lonkila
E-books: Histories, trajectories, futures HTML
Michael M. Widdersheim
Towards more helpful bus tracker apps for blind transit riders HTML
Rakesh Babu, Paige Fuller
Use of Twitter among Spanish communication-area faculty: Research, teaching and visibility HTML
Francisco Segado-Boj, María Ángeles Chaparro Domínguez, Cristina Castillo Rodríguez

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