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Jackson, Margaret, RMIT University (Australia)
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Steven J, Cornell University
Jackson, Steven J.
Jackson-Brown, Grace M., Missouri State University (United States)
Jacobs, Paul F.
Jacso, Peter
Jaeger, Paul T., University of Maryland (United States)
Jaeger, Paul
Jaeger, Paul T, University of Maryland
Jaeger, Paul T.
Jaeger, Paul T., University of Maryland
Jaeger, Paul T., University of Maryland, College Park (United States)
Jaeger, Paul T.
Jagboro, Kofoworola
Jakobsson, Peter, Södertörn University (Sweden)
Jaloba, Ann
Jamias, Serlie B.
Jamieson, Jack
Jang, S. Mo, University of Michigan
Jansen, Bernard J.
Jansen, James
Jarrett, Kylie (Ireland)
Jean Christian, Aymar, Annenberg School for Communication (United States)
Jellis, Peta
Jensen, Elise
Jensen, Klaus Bruhn, University of Copenhagen
Jensen, Kyle
Jenson, Jennifer
Jeon–Slaughter, Haekyung
Jernigan, Carter
Jesiek, Brent
Jessen, Johan, IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Jevec, Thomas E.
Jha, Shishir K., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Jiang, Jianmin, University of Bradford
Jin, Xiaolong, School of Informatics, University of Bradford (United Kingdom)
Jin, Yan, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jinan, Chen
Jiow, Hee Jhee, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Jo, Youngmin
John, Nancy R
John, Nancy R.
John, Nancy R., University of Illinois at Chicago
Johnson, David R.
Johnson, Erica, University of Washington (United States)
Johnson, Kristine, Rowan University (United States)
Johnson, Larry, The New Media Consortium (United States)
Johnson, Martin
Johnson, Thomas J, Thomas J. Johnson is the Amon G. Carter Jr. Centennial Professor in the School of Journalism at University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include new media and political communication, particularly the political uses and effects of social and

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