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Volume 22, Number 3 - 6 March 2017 Antecedents and consequences of cyberloafing: Evidence from the Malaysian ICT industry Abstract   HTML
Kian Yeik Koay, Patrick Chin-Hooi Soh, Kok Wai Chew
Volume 9, Number 10 - 4 October 2004 AnthroSource: Designing a portal for anthropologists Abstract   HTML
Michael Adams, Melody Chu, Shiraz Khan, John Lai, Elsy Lao, Bonnie Nardi
Volume 14, Number 11 - 2 November 2009 Anti-abortion extremism online Abstract   HTML
Lorraine Bowman-Grieve
Volume 19, Number 10 - 6 October 2014 Applications and implications of digital audio databases for the field of ethnomusicology: A discussion of the CNRS — Musée de l’Homme sound archives Abstract   HTML
Stéphanie Khoury, Joséphine Simonnot
Volume 2, Number 6 - 2 June 1997 Archaeology online: New life for old dead things Abstract   HTML
Paul F. Jacobs, Chris Holland
Special Issue #5: Virtual Architecture at State of Play III, 6–8 October 2005 Architecture and the Internet: Designing places in cyberspace Abstract   HTML
Yehuda E. Kalay, John Marx
Special Issue #5: Virtual Architecture at State of Play III, 6–8 October 2005 Architecture and the Virtual World Abstract   HTML
Nathan Glazer
Volume 11, Number 8 — 7 August 2006 Archives on the Web: Unlocking Collections While Safeguarding Privacy Abstract   HTML
Sara S. Hodson
Volume 19, Number 11 - 3 November 2014 Are there birds in the library? The extent of Twitter adoption and use by Canadian academic libraries Abstract   HTML
Nina Verishagen, Carolyn Hank
Volume 4, Number 4 - 5 April 1999 Arguments for Recalling WIPO RFC3 Abstract   HTML
Ed Gerck
Special Issue #4: Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society Art and social displays in the branding of the city: Token screens or opportunities for difference? Abstract   HTML
Julia Nevárez
Special Issue #1: Music and the Internet — 4 July 2005 Artists' earnings and copyright: A review of British and German music industry data in the context of digital technologies (originally published in January 2005) Abstract   HTML
Martin Kretschmer
Volume 10, Number 1 - 3 January 2005 Artists’ earnings and copyright: A review of British and German music industry data in the context of digital technologies Abstract   HTML
Martin Kretschmer
Volume 5, Number 6 - 5 June 2000 ArtsConnectEd: Collaboration in the integration and access to museum resources Abstract   HTML
Robin Dowden, Scott Sayre, Steve Dietz
Volume 13 Number 8 - 4 August 2008 Ashes2Art: Collaboration and Community in the Humanities Abstract   HTML
Arne Flaten, Alyson Gill
Volume 9, Number 7 - 5 July 2004 Assessing the accessibility of fifty United States government Web pages: Using Bobby to check on Uncle Sam Abstract   HTML
Jim Ellison
Volume 12, Number 4 — 2 April 2007 Assessing the value of cooperation in Wikipedia Abstract   HTML
Dennis M. Wilkinson, Bernardo A. Huberman
Volume 18, Number 6 - 3 June 2013 Assigning Wikipedia editing: Triangulation toward understanding university student engagement Abstract   HTML
Amy Roth, Rochelle Davis, Brian Carver
Volume 9, Number 9 - 6 September 2004 Asynchronous discussion groups as Small World and Scale Free Networks Abstract   HTML
Gilad Ravid, Sheizaf Rafaeli
Volume 18, Number 11 - 4 November 2013 At Home in Brussels: Professional mobility as a service Abstract   HTML
Shenja van der Graaf, Wim Vanobberghen
Volume 5, Number 6 - 5 June 2000 ATEEL: The Advanced Technology Environmental Education Library Abstract   HTML
Ellen J. Kabat Lensch, Kay Kretschmar Runge
Volume 21, Number 3 - 7 March 2016 Attachment to Facebook and the civic lives of minority college students in the United States Abstract   HTML
Francis Dalisay, Matthew Kushin, Masahiro Yamamoto, Yung-I Liu, Wayne Buente
Volume 2, Number 9 - 1 September 1997 Attention, Media, Value and Economics Abstract   HTML
Philippe Aigrain
Volume 21, Number 8 - 1 August 2016 Audience constructed genre with Instagram: Street art and graffiti Abstract   HTML
Christopher D. F. Honig, Lachlan MacDowall
Volume 20, Number 9 - 7 September 2015 Auditing Web accessibility: The role of interest organizations in promoting compliance through certification Abstract   HTML
G. Anthony Giannoumis
Volume 17, Number 9 - 3 September 2012 Australia's project for universal broadband access: From policy to social potential Abstract   HTML
Marcos Pereira Dias
Volume 15, Number 5 - 3 May 2010 Authorization and governance in virtual worlds Abstract   HTML
Dan L. Burk
Volume 11, Number 11 — 6 November 2006 Automated customer service at the National Library of Medicine Abstract   HTML
Terry T. Ahmed, Carolyn Willard, Marcia Zorn
Volume 21, Number 4 - 4 April 2016 Automating power: Social bot interference in global politics Abstract   HTML
Samuel C. Woolley
Volume 16, Number 1 - 3 January 2011 Awarding the self in Wikipedia: Identity work and the disclosure of knowledge Abstract   HTML
Daniel Ashton
Volume 16, Number 12 - 5 December 2011 Back to the “wall”: How to use Facebook in the college classroom Abstract   HTML
Caroline Lego Muñoz, Terri Towner
Volume 16, Number 5 - 2 May 2011 Banding together for bandwidth: An analysis of survey results from wireless community network participants Abstract   HTML
Gwen Shaffer
Volume 3, Number 8 - 3 August 1998 Behind the Net: The Untold Story of the ARPANET and Computer Science (Chapter 7) Abstract   HTML
Michael Hauben, Ronda Hauben
Volume 22, Number 7 - 3 July 2017 Being an online celebrity: Norms and expectations of YouTube’s beauty community Abstract   HTML
Florencia García-Rapp, Carles Roca-Cuberes
Volume 8, Number 4 - 7 April 2003 Belonging and diaspora: The Chinese and the Internet Abstract   HTML
Loong Wong
Volume 9, Number 10 - 4 October 2004 Between rhizomes and trees: P2P information systems Abstract   HTML
Bryn Loban
Volume 15, Number 11 - 1 November 2010 Between social awareness and productivity: Results of a survey about real-time microblogging Abstract   HTML
Adrien Joly, Pierre Maret, Johann Daigremont
Volume 11, Number 4 - 3 April 2006 Beyond binary choices: Understanding and exploiting trade-offs to enhance creativity Abstract   HTML
Gerhard Fischer
Volume 14, Number 3 - 2 March 2009 Beyond convergence: Confluence culture and the role of the advertising agency in a changing world Abstract   HTML
Kim Bartel Sheehan, Deborah K. Morrison
Volume 7, Number 12 - 2 December 2002 Beyond "Couch Potatoes": From Consumers to Designers and Active Contributors Abstract   HTML
Gerhard Fischer
Volume 14, Number 4 - 6 April 2009 Beyond Google and evil: How policy makers, journalists and consumers should talk differently about Google and privacy Abstract   HTML
Chris Jay Hoofnagle
Volume 12, Number 8 - 6 August 2007 Beyond Google: How do students conduct academic research? Abstract   HTML
Alison J. Head
Volume 19, Number 7 - 7 July 2014 Beyond just politics: A systematic literature review of online participation Abstract   HTML
Christoph Lutz, Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Miriam Meckel
Special Issue #7: Command Lines: The Emergence of Governance in Global Cyberspace Beyond Management: Considering Participatory Design and Governance in Player Culture Abstract   HTML
T.L. Taylor
Volume 10, Number 5 - 2 May 2005 Beyond markets and firms: The emergence of Open Source networks Abstract   HTML
Federico Iannacci, Eve Mitleton–Kelly
Volume 4, Number 1 - 4 January 1999 Beyond portals and gifts: Towards a bottom-up net-economy Abstract   HTML
Felix Stalder
Volume 15, Number 1 - 4 January 2010 Beyond the legacy of the Enlightenment? Online encyclopaedias as digital heterotopias Abstract   HTML
Jutta Haider, Olof Sundin
Volume 22, Number 4 - 3 April 2017 Big data and learning analytics: Singular or plural? Abstract   HTML
Anna Wilson, Terrie Lynn Thompson, Cate Watson, Valerie Drew, Sarah Doyle
Volume 21, Number 7 - 4 July 2016 Big data for the humanities using Google Ngrams: Discovering hidden patterns of conceptual trends Abstract   HTML
Shai Ophir
Volume 21, Number 7 - 4 July 2016 Big playerbase, big data: On data analytics methodologies and their applicability to studying multiplayer games and culture Abstract   HTML
Ben Egliston
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