Museums' Experiences in Creating Cultural Narrations Using the AthenaPlus Tool Called MOVIO

Sam Habibi Minelli, Iva Meštrović, Petra Milovac, Orsolya Veress, Donatas Snarskis, Jovita Vilimaitiene, Linnéa Karlberg Lundin, Karin Glasemann, Piot Kożurno, Marek Wieczorek


The European funded project AthenaPlus is aimed at providing new tools to support cultural institutions to narrate their resources. This article briefly recounts the experience of museums using the AthenaPlus tool MOVIO. Some of the project pilots described their experience using this innovative platform for narrating their cultural resources. The reader will find here the description of the exhibitions made independently by each of the cultural institutions, the description of the target audiences, the use they made of MOVIO, and their plans and advice for future usage. The article describes the curators' experience using and publishing digital exhibitions.


AthenaPlus; digital exhibitons; cultural heritage; MOVIO; Siauliai Ausros Museum and the Lithuanian Art Museums; Royal Armoury and the National Museum, Sweden; Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb; Museums of Fine Arts; Hungarian National Gallery

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