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Volume 29, Number 6 - 3 June 2024
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This month: June 2024
Tweeting on thin ice: Scientists in dialogic climate change communication with the public
This study examines the dynamics of engagement between climate scientists and the public on Twitter, focusing on two primary research questions: first, how do the themes, attributes, and communication styles of climate scientists’ posts influence online climate change dialogues on social media? Second, what role do the public’s attitudes, opinions, and engagement features play in shaping these online dialogues? This research explored the content of tweets from four climate scientists and the public’s replies to these posts. The narrative styles of scientists and the thematic content of their posts significantly influence public engagement, with visual elements playing a key role in amplifying their positive effects. The public’s responses, characterized by a diverse range of attitudes and opinions, highlight the complexity of engaging a broad audience in climate change discussions.
Also this month
Angry sharing: Exploring the influence of Facebook reactions on political post sharing
Political campaigning is increasingly undertaken by means of social media such as Facebook. Indeed, having content spread on Facebook by means of users sharing the posts of political parties and politicians has been pointed to as highly important. Based on suggestions from previous research, this research investigated the relationship between shares and other Facebook post engagement opportunities such as comments and reactions, in a Norwegian political context. The main findings show that while the Angry and Sad reactions emerged as positively related to the number of shares, Love and Care variations did not exhibit such clear relationships.