A Gendered World: Students and Instructional Technologies


  • Indhu Rajagopal
  • Nis Bojin




Gender has become a significant issue in the various discussions related to the use of computers and instructional technologies (IT) in higher education. Are gender differences relevant in the students' learning process and their use of technological components in their courses? Is gender significant in determining the use of IT by students in colleges and universities? Does the study of how gender influences students' use of software and presentation formats, throw light on other general behavioural aspects of academic computer-users? This study uses surveys, both direct and online, of students in universities and colleges to explore whether gender is a critical variable in understanding what is labelled as user-friendly computer instruction and learning, Internet searches, and presentation software tools. It also seeks to explore whether and if so why, women students, as distinct from the men, do or do not embrace IT in their learning endeavors or use the new technological tools in handling their courses.




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Rajagopal, I., & Bojin, N. (2003). A Gendered World: Students and Instructional Technologies. First Monday, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v8i1.1023