Reconciling interiors: The screen as installation


  • James Charlton



In examining the failure of contemporary art to understand the relationship between the screen and the sculptural context in which it is seen,this paper critiques current notions of the screen and compares them to the spatial modalities of installation art. Firstly identifying the screen as a product of parts ? the apparatus,the image and the space ? the essay draws together arguments presented by artists and theorists and exposes the strategies and assumptions that enable the viewer to experience the screen installation almost as a seamless whole. It is argued that the spatial incompatibility of the screen and installation that effectively splits the viewer in two is reconciled in certain Net.Art projects, which bring both image and space together within one site specific frame that uses location as both content and context.




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Charlton, J. (2003). Reconciling interiors: The screen as installation. First Monday, 8(2).