Managing Internet gambling in the workplace


  • Mark Fox
  • Larry Phillips
  • Ganesan Vaidyanathan



This paper reports on the findings of research relating to Internet gambling in the workplace. We then examine technologies by which employee gambling can be limited or monitored. While Internet access is a productivity tool allowing employees to communicate rapidly, perform research and engage in e-commerce, the Internet also has the potential to be a major distraction allowing employees to play games, shop while at work and even engage in online gambling. Increasingly the issue of Internet access has shifted from a strictly information technology (IT) matter to a human resource (HR) management one. Therefore, we conclude the paper with a discussion of some of the more prominent human resources issues that are associated with online gambling within the workplace.




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Fox, M., Phillips, L., & Vaidyanathan, G. (2003). Managing Internet gambling in the workplace. First Monday, 8(4).