Arab diaspora online media in Sweden

Arab migrants' identity discourses on the AlKompis Facebook page


  • Mahitab Ezz El DIn Linnaeus University (Sweden)



Arab diaspora, identity, integration, media, migration, Othering, social media, Sweden


With the increase in migration to the Western countries, social media became the alternative space for Arab diaspora to meet and bring in the issues of their concern. It is also a platform where one can examine the identities of migrants. In this article I analyze the comments in one of the most popular Arab diaspora platforms in Sweden where I identify migrant identity and aspects of integration as well. Combining a quantitative and a qualitative approach the study results show an internal conflict as well as two types of identities, internal and external. The identities are found in themes discussing racialization, counter racialization, citizenship and foreignness, Belongingness/Swedishness and political involvement.

Author Biography

Mahitab Ezz El DIn, Linnaeus University (Sweden)

Senior lecturer and researcher at Linnaeus University (Sweden).




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Ezz El DIn, M. (2020). Arab diaspora online media in Sweden: Arab migrants’ identity discourses on the AlKompis Facebook page. First Monday, 25(9).