The International Children's Digital Library: Description and analysis of first use

  • Allison Druin
  • Benjamin Bederson
  • Ann Weeks
  • Allison Farber
  • Jesse Grosjean
  • Mona Guha
  • Juan Hourcade
  • Juhyun Lee
  • Sabrina Liao
  • Kara Reuter
  • Anne Rose
  • Yoshifumi Takayama
  • Lingling Zhang


We present the first version of the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL). As a five-year research project, its mission is to enable children to access and read an international collection of children's books through the development of new interface technologies. This paper will introduce the ICDL and an initial analysis of the first seven weeks of the ICDL's public use on the Web.
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Druin, A., Bederson, B., Weeks, A., Farber, A., Grosjean, J., Guha, M., Hourcade, J., Lee, J., Liao, S., Reuter, K., Rose, A., Takayama, Y., & Zhang, L. (2003). The International Children’s Digital Library: Description and analysis of first use. First Monday, 8(5).
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