Sweden then vs. Sweden now

The memetic normalisation of far-right nostalgia


  • Samuel Merrill Umeå University




nostalgia, far-right discourse, Facebook, Sweden, memes, digital visual methods


This article analyses 262 memes, the majority image-macros, posted to a large Swedish anti-immigration Facebook group in order to explore the memetic normalisation of far-right nostalgia. Through the application of an array of critical visual analysis methods it reveals that the nostalgia that disguises hateful far-right discourses in the group is not merely a reflection of that peddled by Sweden’s organised far-right political parties and movements but a complex crowdsourced amalgam involving different nostalgic modes and moods. Unpacking these modes and moods, the article also highlights some of the nostalgic tensions at play in the group, indicating the need to rethink broader understandings of far-right nostalgia and calling for further research into how it can be used to veil hate in digital settings.




How to Cite

Merrill, S. (2020). Sweden then vs. Sweden now: The memetic normalisation of far-right nostalgia. First Monday, 25(6). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v25i6.10552