Analyzing the taxonomy of Internet business models using graphs


  • Chiou-Pirng Wang
  • Kwaichow Chan



Not only did the World Wide Web expedite the arrival of the information age in the last decade, it had also inspired a business revolution. Internet business, despite its infancy, has bred an unprecedented number of creative Internet business models (IBMs). Given that there are many creative models, there still lacks a universal well-defined IBM taxonomy. It is a tremendous challenge to create a universal taxonomy for these business models. Not only one has to face the babble of different existing models, one also has to address the evolving nature of Internet business. Hence, the imminent question is simply: Is it possible to construct a universal business model that could explain the existence of all of the current models and prescribe the evolving nature of Internet business models? In this paper, we propose that a simple scheme based on Euler's graph, a discrete mathematical tool that can be used effectively to study existing Internet business models and their classification schemes. It is also used to accommodate evolving IBMs. Such a systematic and analytical scheme based on graph theory might then assist in the discovery of a unified taxonomy for Internet business models.




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Wang, C.-P., & Chan, K. (2003). Analyzing the taxonomy of Internet business models using graphs. First Monday, 8(6).