A city as a virtual community — Several perspectives


  • Piotr Siuda Kazimierz Wielki Univerity in Bydgoszcz




Virtual community, City and Internet, Online locality, Social capital, Big data, e-government


We are currently dealing with the emergence of cities as virtual communities. They should be considered in terms of a specific relation of the local urban space with the cyberspace and rejection of dichotomy of the territory versus deterritorialization. The article characterizes city as a virtual community from several perspectives: 1) Resurgence of locality and changes in the nature of interpersonal relationships; 2) Changes in the understanding of public and private space; 3) The impact of the city as a virtual community on social capital; 4) The possibilities of big data generated within the virtual community; 5) Possibilities of involving city dwellers in the process of local governance; and 6) encouraging them to social activity. The Internet brings a huge change in the perception and experience of the city and we must do everything to use this change for the benefit of urban residents.




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