e-Government, e-Society and Jordan: Strategy, theory, practice, and assessment

  • Michael Blakemore
  • Roderic Dutton


A review of e-Government and e-Society developments in Jordan is set in the context of the contradictions and conflicts of negotiating policies that aim to span all scales from local to global. Largely 'developed' hegemonic discourses of technology and governmental reform are critically evaluated in the context of how such global/national strategies will perform uncertainly at regional/local/individual levels. Even within advanced western societies e-Government and e-Society strategies have seldom been underpinned by a research and evaluation framework that feeds back directly into a refinement of strategy and improved policies. As a complex society within the turbulent Middle East regional framework, Jordanian strategy will benefit from a clear understanding of how it will balance the needs of the individual citizen with the macro pressures of globalisation.
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Blakemore, M., & Dutton, R. (2003). e-Government, e-Society and Jordan: Strategy, theory, practice, and assessment. First Monday, 8(11). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v8i11.1095