An integrated framework for online news quality assurance


  • Besiki Stvilia Florida State University



information quality, news quality, information quality assurance, online news


This paper introduced a synthesized theoretical framework of online news quality assurance. The framework includes conceptual models of quality evaluation, value assessment, and intervention. The framework also provides typologies of user activities, information agents, and the relationships among them. The framework is grounded in prior frameworks of information quality and the analysis of two cases of large-scale online news aggregators: Google News and Facebook News. The framework can be used as a knowledge source to guide the design and evaluation of quality assurance processes of online news providers and aggregator ecosystems.

Author Biography

Besiki Stvilia, Florida State University

Professor in the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University in Tallahassee




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Stvilia, B. (2021). An integrated framework for online news quality assurance. First Monday, 26(7).