Introduction to the special issue of Shame, Shaming and Online Image Sharing


  • Amparo Lasén Complutense University of Madrid
  • Gaby David Paris 8 University



This special issue coedited by Gaby David and Amparo Lasén, compiles 13 articles that explore the articulation of contemporary affective and digital cultures, regarding shame and shaming associated with online image sharing. The convergence of social structures, social norms and digital affordances shapes the vulnerability of different social groups into shame and modulates the potential of that experienced shame to exert a pedagogic and productive effect.

Author Biographies

Amparo Lasén, Complutense University of Madrid

Professor of Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Gaby David, Paris 8 University

Dr. Gaby David is a visual sociologist, fellow researcher at the Institut de Recherche sur le Cinéma et l’Audiovisuel (IRCAV) at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, and an associate member at the research lab Transferts Critiques anglophones (TransCrit) at the University Paris 8. She is an executive board member of the International Visual Sociology Association and teaches both undergraduate and graduate levels in Parisian universities.




How to Cite

Lasén, A., & David, G. (2021). Introduction to the special issue of Shame, Shaming and Online Image Sharing. First Monday, 26(4).