Shameless dicks: On male privilege, dick pic scandals, and public exposure


  • Susanna Paasonen University of Turku
  • Jenny Sundén Södertörn University



Academic debates on shame and the involuntary networked circulation of naked pictures have largely focused on instances of hacked accounts of female celebrities, on revenge porn, and interconnected forms of slut-shaming. Meanwhile, dick pics have been predominantly examined as vehicles of sexual harassment within heterosexual contexts. Taking a somewhat different approach, this article examines leaked or otherwise involuntarily exposed dick pics of men of notable social privilege, asking what kinds of media events such leaked data assemble, how penises become sites of public interest and attention, and how these bodies may be able to escape circuits of public shaming. By focusing on high-profile incidents on an international scale during the past decade, this article moves from the leaked shots of male politicians as governance through shaming to body-shaming targeted at Harvey Weinstein, to Jeff Bezos’s refusal to be shamed through his hacked dick pic, and to an accidentally self-published shaft shot of Lars Ohly, a Swedish politician, we examine the agency afforded by social privilege to slide through shame rather than be stuck in it. By building on feminist media studies and affect inquiry, we attend to the specificities of these attempts to shame, their connections to and disconnections from slut-shaming, and the possibilities and spaces offered for laughter within this all.

Author Biographies

Susanna Paasonen, University of Turku

Professor of Media Studies at University of Turku.

Jenny Sundén, Södertörn University

Professor of Gender Studies at Södertörn University in Stockholm and Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University.




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Paasonen, S., & Sundén, J. (2021). Shameless dicks: On male privilege, dick pic scandals, and public exposure. First Monday, 26(4).