Tap on our app: Internet motivators in the Generation Z purchasing process


  • Thomas Mueller Appalachian State University
  • Greg Perreault Appalachian State University




Internet marketing, diffusion of innovations, mobile apps, mobile applications, Gen Z


This study explores motivators for mobile app purchase among “Gen Z” consumers. Adjectives that describe the mobile purchase experience were collected from focus group respondents. Factor analysis of the adjectives produced clusters named “Affective,” “Functional” and “Anxiety.” “Anxiety” was the most powerful factor. However, when tested in linear regression “Affective” and “Functional” were unique significant predictors of mobile app purchase intention. Online food delivery brands providing apps, and those that save ordering info, are most highly correlated in the purchase process. Ease of use is associated with a positive online perception. Those ordering personal pan size pizzas were significantly different than those who order small, medium or large pizzas. Diffusion of innovation (DOI) theory suggests complexity is a key indicator in the innovation process. In this study, the diffusion of ordering was heightened by compatibility, those who share common experiences and values in a virtual community. These findings suggest anxiety involved with Internet purchases may be part of the appeal of the application.




How to Cite

Mueller, T., & Perreault, G. (2021). Tap on our app: Internet motivators in the Generation Z purchasing process. First Monday, 26(12). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v26i12.11738