SDP-city against a vicious circle!


  • Erzsébet Angster



This paper characterizes the software development craft’s vicious circle and proposes the first steps required to get out of it. As long as future software developers have no exemplary software (with patterns, design, and documentation) to study, the present software developers will not produce exemplary software. To overcome this, the first step is to make exemplary software widely available, and help developers to produce them. Despite most open source software being accessible, finding exemplary and qualified work is hard. A software city is proposed for teaching and learning purposes, where (1) all works are open; (2) there is a pattern repository with the most important building elements and principles; (3) the patterns are underpinned by concrete, complete, running and documented examples (Software Development Pack or SDP); and, (4) experts help builders, and qualify the works. Only quality works are easy to use and easy to reuse. Let’s build an SDP-city where, besides cathedrals and bazaars, you can also find a city hall, schools, and exhibitions!




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Angster, E. (2004). SDP-city against a vicious circle!. First Monday, 9(12).