Reflecting on the digit(al)isation of music

  • David Beer


This paper is a collection of notes written in response to the main themes contained in Martin Kretschmer’s essay "Artists’ earnings and copyright: A review of British and German music industry data in the context of digital technologies" (2005), which was published recently in First Monday. These notes are intended to focus briefly on the exploration of these themes with the intention of generating and developing questions that may open doors for future study. The objective of this piece is not the review of Kretschmer’s essay; rather it is an attempt to probe, to examine, and to question its findings and guiding themes. These notes, therefore, are left as a set of open suggestions rather than defining statements. It is hoped that this fits with the emergent and yet to be embedded field of study to which they relate.
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Beer, D. (2005). Reflecting on the digit(al)isation of music. First Monday, 10(2).