Feminist Data Studies and the emergence of a new Data Feminist knowledge domain


  • Hana Marčetić University of Borås
  • Jan Nolin University of Borås




Data Feminism, critical data perspectives, critical algorithm studies, intersectionality


Mass participation in social networking sites and online life combined with the development of tracking technology facilitates gathering data on unprecedented scales. The uptake of data collecting during the 2010s coincided with the emergence of data science and data studies, along with critical perspectives such as critical data and critical algorithm studies. This paper explores one such critical perspective. Data Feminism merges the theories of intersectional feminism and critical data studies. Bibliometric text analysis of articles, conference papers, essays, and commentary was conducted in VOSviewer software, which found commonalities between terms within texts. The most prominent terms and keywords in the research area of Data Feminism identified in such a manner informed the close reading that followed. Six clusters of terms were identified, with the two largest clusters formed around the terms “big data” and “artificial intelligence” respectively. We also explored the boundaries, movements and centralities within the six clusters.




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Marčetić, H., & Nolin, J. (2022). Feminist Data Studies and the emergence of a new Data Feminist knowledge domain. First Monday, 27(7). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v27i7.12295